平野なつき(bass)、金成葉子 (drums)からなる女性だけのツーピースバンド。
2012年6月初のPVとなるスタジオライブ映像”SPACE PUSHER”をYouTubeにて公開。

A girls duo “Shima Shima Electric” was born in March 2012,
which was formed by Natsuki Hirano(bass) and Yoko Kanenari(drums).
"Shima Shima" is caused by their birthplaces of Fukushima and Kagoshima.
They compose, write and arrange original songs to produce themselves with their respective careers from different fields.
Though their band is formed only by bass and drums,
the deep and profounding sounds we create will make you think as if a guitar is included and performed as a three-piece band.
Because the two of us both sing, they use their voice to add thickness in the music.
Also, they perform not just with bass and drums,
but also use keyboards and manage other implements like a DJ to create a diversion in our sounds.
These magnificent skills will appear on the stage like an effector magician when performing live.
they have pop and catchy songs that will attract many,
and yet the physically thrilling sounds of the bass and drums they play will for sure become an addiction for those that see it for the first time.
They have been standing out as a unique band in around underground rock situation,
because of their activity of Fussa, Fukaya rock festival in Saitama.
Their first music video “SPACE PUSHER” has been released on Youtube in June 2012.
And they released a self-produced album "SPACE!!" in August.
The first official album "Kagakuno Kodomo"(This means "Electric Children") was released in July 2014.
This album was engineered by Soichiro Nakamura at Peace music.
They mainly have shows in Tokyo, but they are expanding activities.
They had collaboration with Yuji Katsui (rovo), and they have performance at "Music Instrumental Fair 2014" in Tokyo Bigsight.


平野なつき(Natsuki Hirano)-Bass,effecters,voice,others
金成葉子(Yoko Kanenari)-Drums,effecters,others